Delivery of the Happy Easter CARD

Happy Easter Cards will be sent out individually to the addresses which you supply about a week before Easter.  They will be sent by the daily letter post service of An Post [the Irish postal service].  It is important that you give a full address for each Card, including the EirCode [or postcode] if at all possible, so that delivery is not delayed.

Postage is included in the price, hence the difference between orders for the island of Ireland and Rest of the World.

FOR CHURCH ORDERS, I can print your name on the inside, your name and address as the Return Address, and send the Cards to you in bulk, already stamped, for you to address and post yourself.  The minimum order for this is 20 Cards.

If you have addresses both on the island of Ireland and Rest of the World, please order them separately.  Then when they are both in your Cart, you can make one payment for both.

The order deadline for the Happy Easter CARD is 5pm Monday 15 March.
I cannot guarantee supply for orders placed after this date.

For any queries, you can contact me at Orderline +353 (0)85 229 3722,
or click here for my Contact page, or e-mail


Delivery of the Happy Easter EGG

The price includes free delivery for orders of 20 Eggs or more to any church (or group) on the Island of Ireland.  I will deliver any number at all over 20, once it’s a multiple of 10 Eggs.

To avoid disappointment, please place your first order once you reach 20 Eggs.  You can then place further orders in multiples of 10 Eggs, up to the order deadline.  I will amalgamate all your orders together and send them out from Co Wicklow to arrive a few days before Easter.

Your orders will be delivered within normal daytime hours.  At Checkout, it is important that you give a telephone number at which you can be contacted, should the delivery person have any difficulty finding your address.  If there is any restriction to the hours in which someone will be available to receive your order, any special directions, or any other information of which we should be aware, please make this clear in the Order Notes.

We are able to offer free delivery on the basis that we will be able to deliver your orders easily and quickly, so we appreciate your help in this.

Shipping beyond the island of Ireland:

Some of you have asked if I can ship Happy Easter Eggs directly to your relatives in England, Scotland or Wales.  I am able to do this, but it does cost extra.  The minimum order for this service is 10 Eggs, but it is more economical per Egg if you order our usual minimum of 20 Eggs.
But I have heard that due to Brexit and Covid-19, deliveries within Britain are unreliable, so we cannot be sure that deliveries will arrive in time for Easter.

It may also be possible to ship further afield, but again please get in touch and I will see what I can arrange for you.

Due to covid-19 precautions at the chocolate factory,
the order deadline for the Happy Easter EGG is noon on Monday 8 March 2021.

For any queries, you can contact me at Orderline +353 (0)85 229 3722,
or click here for my Contact page, or e-mail