The Happy Easter Story booklet

The Happy Easter Story booklet has 16 pages and is in full colour. It tells the true story of Easter in verse and with beautiful illustrations. It explains in simple terms why it is important to us today that Jesus is alive again.

And it explains how to access an online audio version of the Happy Easter Story, and teen and adult versions of the Easter story from the Bible, and there are free Easter competitions online, and a whole lot more.

Why do we say Happy Easter?

Why do we celebrate the story of Easter – the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus? Why do we say that this is the Happy Easter Story?  The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is alive today, but why is this important?

Why does this make us happy? By rising from the dead, Jesus has given us a new way to know Him. He wants to give His new life to us, with His healing and hope. And did you know that eggs are a symbol of new life?

Jesus can be our friend and help us every day. He will give us peace and happiness that are out of this world. In every season of life, He is only a prayer away.

To find out more about Jesus

If you would like to explore the Happy Easter Story further for yourself, and to consider whether you think it is important, then we recommend Alpha:
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