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Surprising Easter writing

We tend to think about the main characters in the Easter story. But here are some views of Easter written from the point of view of some unlikely people. These were all written by some amateur writers at a Churches Together Easter writing workshop:



Down the hill towards Gethsemane they came,
Darkness all around.
Inside their hearts, a darkness of a much deeper, blacker kind.
Out in front he strode, filled with the blackness of self importance,
Judas – ready to kiss his friend.
A friend, perhaps, who threatened his own tormented darkness with his great light and love.
What prompted you? What persuaded you to give that kiss of death?
Thirty pieces of silver? Hardly that alone. Something deeper, darker?
Surely Lucifer in person, stalked the garden that night rubbing his hands with glee.



The servant who lost his ear

The crowd is surging.
I can smell the excitement and the fear.
We’re going to get him.
The one who causes so much trouble.
How dare he say he is the Christ.
Such blasphemy.
He frightens us by his difference.
I am at the front – the sword is waved – My ear is gone!
I’m disfigured – oh the pain!- now it is me who is different.
His hand reaches out, I am healed and whole again.
I’m overwhelmed – in awe of him.
Such love and tenderness.
Maybe what’s been said is true.
My hatred swallowed up by love.



The servant-girl

Mark 14: 66
As Peter was below in the courtyard,
one of the servant-girls of the high priest came …

I was below in the courtyard –
According to them, that was my place.
I wondered if I knew him when I saw his face.
Yes, I’d seen him with James and with John.
I was so glad Jesus wasn’t alone.
I went to the man with the terrified face,
Right there, in that awful space.
I told him that I had seen him with Jesus,
How happy I was he was one of us.
But he didn’t seem to understand,
As if he’d forgotten the Son of Man.
My best friend, she saw him next,
She didn’t believe so she was vexed.
She said that he was from Galilee,
But his reply was it wasn’t he.
What was going on in his head?
He looked as if he’d rather be dead.
Then one of the visitors saw Him there,
But that made him curse all the more.
He even let out a tortured shout.
What on earth was all this about?

I’ve talked to Peter since that time.
And I think that I’d have done the same.

Yes, I was below in the courtyard –
According to them, that was my space.
But not any more, He’s raised me on high,
I’m seated with Him in that heavenly place.



The Crowd

Who changed your minds?
Who captured your hearts?
When not so long ago, only days,
You all cried, ‘Hail the king!’
And now …

Where did it change?

You cry, ‘Give us Barabbas,
Crucify Him!’




Here I lie in this rat infested cell
Destined to die here for my crime
My crime ‘as they call it’ is in name only
Depending solely how you view it

Suddenly the jailer with keys a clanging
Opens my cell, to my utter surprise
You are free to go, his voice unchanging
As he threw me my clothes to the sound of ‘why me’

As I went outside the light was blinding
And saw in the distance a crowd was gathering
‘Crucify crucify’ they said as one
Their voices so loud, so arrogant, so binding

Who is this man who dies in my place?
Who is this man who looks like me?
Who is this man with such love in his face?
Are they so blind, even I can see?

They call him Jesus, worker of miracles or so they say
King of the Jews, a man you should see
They even say he is called The Way
But I don’t care, I am now free

I look at his face
And see only love
I hear father forgive them
And tremble inside.



Simon of Cyrene

Why, who, me?
What are you asking me?
Me, to carry a cross?
You’ve got to be joking me.

I don’t know, who are you?
What have I got to do?
It’s nothing to do with me.
How about you? You could do.

What did he do, to have to carry a cross like that?
There is nothing right in that!
That’s a matter of fact!

Oh come on, you’ve got to help Him,
He’s hardly there.
You can’t make me.
How is he going to get there?

Oh I give in, I’d do it for my sons,
This just can’t go on,
The love just goes on and on!



Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

My Jesus, My Jesus,
You did it all for me,
Gave your life to set me free,
Free to love, free to give,
Free to live, live, live.


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