The Gospels with Mike & Andy on MP3 CD

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This recording is perfect for teenagers, or anyone who wants to read the Bible, but struggles to find the time.

It is read by Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft, the leaders of the Soul Survivor summer festival at which 30,000 young people gather each year to worship Jesus, to learn, to pray and to hang out together.

You can listen via MP3 CD player, or transfer the audio files to your smartphone, MP3 player or computer to take them with your wherever you go.  The MP3 CDs will play on any CD player that displays the MP3 symbol.  Andy reads the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and Mike reads Mark and John.

To hear a sample of Mike’s recording, select ‘Listen to the Resurrection story from the Gospel’.

The NIV (New International Version) Bible’s combination of readability and accuracy has made it the most popular modern English Bible translation.  The publishers of the NIV have kept abreast of new technologies and devices, and changing Bible reading habits, hence this edition on MP3 CD.

This edition uses European (rather than American) spelling, punctuation and grammar.


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